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What to Look for During a Roof Inspection

Hire a roofing contractor for a thorough inspection of your roof
Read Time: 4 Minutes | Jun 16, 2021

What to Look for During a Roof Inspection

Hire a roofing contractor for a thorough inspection of your roof
Read Time: 4 Minutes | Jun 16, 2021
What to Look for During a Roof Inspection

Is your roof leaking? Are you worried your roof is damaged after a storm? Roof problems are a major headache for homeowners, though they may not be as bad as you think. Whether you need basic repairs or a complete replacement, a roof inspection is the best way to find the solution to any issue you are experiencing.

While many roof problems are obvious, there may be a few that are not visible to the untrained eye. This is why it is important to get a professional to inspect your roof. Your roofing contractor can check the condition of the entire roof, including ventilation, leaks, and more. Here are the most important things you should look for during a roofing inspection.

Things to look out for when inspecting a roof

Proper ventilation

If an attic isn’t ventilated properly, the roof undergoes several problems. This includes damaged shingles and other roofing materials as well as a buildup of condensation and development of mold and mildew. These problems shorten a roof’s lifespan to a large extent. Even if you replaced your roof recently, poor attic ventilation can lead to further problems and could result in the need for another replacement.

Roof ventilation

Roof leaks and water stains

Roof leaks and water stains are fairly noticeable. During a roof inspection, be mindful of water stains on your ceiling. Once you notice a leak, search for the reason that is causing it, whether it is due to broken shingles or a clogged gutter. Read our article on some of the most common causes of roof leaks. Once you find the cause, hire a professional to repair the issue.

Ceiling water damage

Number of roof layers

It is also important to check how many layers your roof has. In the case of a roof replacement to fix the issue, your roof along with the additional layers will need to be torn off. This impacts your overall cost, as the roof replacement estimate includes the total number of layers that need to be removed. Don’t know how many layers your roof has? Don’t worry – just contact a professional roofing team, and they should be able to help.

Contractor completing a roof inspection

Condition of decking

You should also check the condition of your roof’s decking. It is important to establish whether your decking is spongy or solid underneath the feet, as spongy decking is an indication of water damage. You should also ensure that the nails present in your decking are holding firm.

It is difficult to accurately measure the condition of roof decking by just walking on it. Oftentimes, the decking’s condition can only be properly evaluated after shingles are torn off. This is why we recommend hiring a professional to check the condition of your decking. If the integrity of your decking is damaged, your contractor will restore the condition when replacing the roof.

Roof vents

Regardless of the type, roof vents should always be inspected. For instance, if you have soffit, gable, or ridge vents, they’ll require inspection for obstruction. If you have a gas appliance at your home, check to see if the expansion and contraction of the metal have pulled the fastener out of the gas vent.

Roof shingles

Another important thing to consider is proper roofer installation. If your shingles or any roofing material are not installed properly initially, your roof’s lifespan will shorten significantly, regardless of the material used. Look for nails driven in sideways that create bumps in your roof or nails that make cracks and back out. More obvious signs of improper installation include shingles that are buckling, blistering, loose, missing, or cracked. This gives you an idea of whether your roof needs a replacement or repair.

Shingles repair of a damaged roof

Roof penetrations

Roof penetrations refer to anything that is an opening through your roofs, such as chimneys, exhaust fans, pipes, skylights, vents, and air conditioning units. Examining penetrations is an important part of the roof inspection process. Ensure that your skylights are leak-free. If roof pipes become cracked, they can cause leakages. You should also inspect the flashing, mortar, and chimney cap. If anything is growing out of the mortar, then your chimney is starting to collect moisture.

Roof flashings

Roof flashing refers to the metal placed anywhere your shingles adjoin something, like a wall or a chimney. Check for rusts on the metal, to ensure that the flashings can stand up against elements and prevent leaks.

Roof under construction


Don’t forget to inspect your gutters and downspouts. There should be no cracks or open seams. You should also check if there any blockages or restricted flow that can collect debris and cause vegetation. Moreover, make sure that your gutter is not tilted in the wrong direction to prevent standing water.

Future problems

An expert roofing contractor will also examine your roof for issues in workmanship that can increase the risks of leaks or other roof problems in the future. Therefore, it’s best to hire a professional roofing contractor instead of inspecting the roof yourself.

Right time for roof inspection

Most homeowners get their roof inspected after a hail storm or other extreme weather conditions to look for any damage caused. Though, this isn’t the only time you get your roof inspected. The most vital time for roof inspection is before and after hurricane season.

Ready to hire an expert roofing contractor?

Now that you are aware of all the steps necessary for a roof inspection, it will be easier for you to gauge if your contractor is doing his job the right way. If you’re looking for a well-known roofing company that can help you with roof repair or replacement, contact Hippo Roofing. Our experts conduct thorough inspections to make sure they don’t miss anything and give you the peace of mind you deserve.