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What is Causing My Roof to Leak?

How to find the cause and fix it early
Oct 1, 2021

What is Causing My Roof to Leak?

How to find the cause and fix it early
Oct 1, 2021
What is Causing My Roof to Leak?


Causes of Roof Leaks

You have a great roof. It was installed by the best roofers with the best materials, and yet, there is a leak. We know just how frustrating this can be, and what’s more frustrating is not knowing why the leak is happening. Roof leaks can happen for a number of reasons, and being able to identify them can help you jump on the problem quickly. It also helps when you call your local roofing company when you need help with roof repairs. Knowing what can cause leaks is important, and you’ll find that these issues are generally the most common causes for your leaky roof.

Metal roof valley

Your Valley’s Aren’t Sealed Properly

A valley is where to roofing planes meet. These areas are sloped, so water tends to flow to these areas; if they aren’t sealed well, rainwater will find its way into the home. Take a look at the seams of your roof to see whether or not the valleys have wet spots. This is an indication of improper sealing.

Your Flashing is Damaged

The purpose of your flashing is to seal the exposed areas of your roof from water penetrating the area. Areas like skylights and chimneys most commonly have flashing around them. Tar seal is applied to ensure that these metal flashings are completely sealed, but if certain areas of the flashing are unsheltered, leaks can happen when rainy weather hits.

Cracked shingle

Your Shingles Are Old and Cracked

Overtime, your shingles will age, causing them to crack and peel. When this happens, your roof becomes vulnerable to leaks when rain hits.

Your Shingles Weren’t Properly Installed

When shingles are installed, nails should never be exposed. Nails should be hidden by the overlapping shingle that is sealed. If there are any exposed nails, it means they weren’t installed correctly and could be the reason your roof is leaking.

Your Gutters Are Clogged

Taking care of your roof means cleaning off debris from the top of your roof in order to avoid erosion as well as cleaning out your gutters to avoid them getting clogged. Your gutters collect water and direct it away from your home, and when they’re clogged they can’t effectively do that. Make sure you’re clearing debris from your gutters to ensure they’re working properly, or suffer the consequences of a leak.

Man installing ventilation

Your Attic Doesn’t Have Proper Ventilation

In a place like Florida where humidity is extremely high, it is of the utmost importance that your attic is ventilated properly. If not, heat and moisture can get trapped in your attic to the point that it can cause a leak. Be sure to check on the ventilation of your attic to ensure that it’s getting the airflow that it needs for efficiency and to avoid leaks.

Your Skylights Are Damaged

Whether they are damaged over time or because they aren’t properly installed, these roof leaks are really easy to spot. The leaks will come from the edges around the edges of the skylights, and you’ll be able to see wet spots in those areas as well.

If you’re experiencing roof leaks when rainy weather comes through, it helps to know what defects can cause them. Attempting to repair these issues on your own is not only dangerous, but you can end up making a mistake that causes more expensive damage in the long run. Be sure to call professional roofers when you need to identify why your roof is leaking and to repair the issue as well. Hippo Roof is dedicated to helping clients get the roof repairs they need in a timely manner; when you’re experiencing roof damage, we’re the roofers on your side. Call us today.