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Top Benefits of Metal Roofing

Jun 5, 2017

Top Benefits of Metal Roofing

Jun 5, 2017
Top Benefits of Metal Roofing


Why You Want a Metal Roof

Are you thinking about getting a new roof?
Have you thought about what type of roof you want?

If you haven’t considered metal roofing then it’s time to weigh your options. There are tons of reasons to love metal roofing, especially when it’s installed by our roofers in Palm Bay. Here are the biggest benefits and reasons you should consider metal roofing on your home.

Metal Roofing is Durable

As a resident of Florida, you aren’t unfamiliar to high winds and hurricanes. This can mean replacing your roof before the end of it’s life and while insurance can cover a lot of the cost, it’s an inconvenience you don’t need in your life. With metal roofing, you can rest assured that your roof will withstand high winds much better than a shingle roof.

A Metal Roof Lasts Longer

Generally, a shingle roof only has a lifespan of about 25 years. With a metal roof, you can get a lot more out of it. Metal roofs last twice as long as regular roofs. So what does this mean for you as a homeowner? It means two things:

  1. You get more out of your roof.
  2. You save money on a roof replacement.

What could be better than protecting your house while saving money?

Metal Roofs Are Attractive

Contrary to popular belief, metal roofs look great on any home. There are tons of colors to choose from, so you can rest assured that you’ll find a metal roof that will look great on your home no matter what.

Metal Roofs Are Energy Efficient

Because a metal roof reflects heat, rather than absorb it, they actually offer energy efficiency for your home. They help keep your home cooler than regular roofs and help you reduce your energy bill due to lowered use of your air conditioning.

Metal Roofs Are Practical

Not only are they extremely durable, but they’re convenient. Metal roofs are perfect for installing solar panels on and you can do so very easily. So not only will you reduce energy costs by keeping your home cooler, but you’ll get the added benefit of saving on your own solar energy.

Metal Roofs Are Easy to Maintain

While we don’t recommend spending too much time on your roof, we do recommend keeping it clean in order to maintain the attractive look and paint. All it takes to wash your roof off is a power washer or even just a hose.

Metal Roofs Are Smart

Between maintenance, the affordability, and energy efficiency, it’s almost a question as to why you wouldn’t want a metal roof? They make the most sense and offer homeowners the most benefits!

Metal Roofs Are a Great Investment

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder everyone doesn’t have a metal roof, especially in Palm Bay, FL. You can protect your home through many storms over the years, all while saving money on roofing and energy.

If you’re looking to get a new roof, you should absolutely consider metal roofing. With Hippo Roofing, you can get the metal roofing you need for a price you’ll love because we offer financing for our customers. Simply pay a down payment and we’ll work with you on the monthly payments so that you can start benefitting from a metal roof much sooner than later.

If you have any questions or concerns about metal roofing, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our roofers in Palm Bay can help you get started on getting a new roof today! If you love your current roof but are in need of roofing contractors for inspections and roof repairs, we can take care of you. Give us a call today!