Just about all of us want to do our part to be environmentally responsible. There’s a way to be twice as green, reduce your carbon footprint, and have virtually unbeatable bragging rights. It’s a pairing that’s natural and that feels right, like chocolate and peanut butter, or Fred and Wilma. The only thing we could be talking about is the pairing of a metal roof with solar panels.

A solar panel is basically a grouping of photovoltaic modules that are electrically connected and usually mounted upon a structure. By absorbing the rays from the sun, they convert that energy into usable electricity. In the long term, they very nearly pay for themselves, noticeably lower your energy costs, and provide power that’s safe and clean. This kind of technology is designed with the long term in mind, considering they outlast other energy sources with a typical lifespan of over 30 years.

Speaking of the long term, if you’re considering the installation of solar panels, you do not want them installed on an asphalt roof. First, your solar panels will outlast asphalt shingles. As a result, when the shingles ultimately need to be replaced, you’ll also need to pay for the removal and reinstallation of your solar panels. But when a metal roof has a typical lifespan of over 60 years, one installation is all you need. Plus, considering that metal roofs are environmentally friendly and highly efficient when it comes to reflecting the sun, both the temperature of your home and your electrical bills will both shrink.

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