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Roofing FAQ Continued

Oct 5, 2016

Roofing FAQ Continued

Oct 5, 2016
Roofing FAQ Continued


Roofing FAQ Continued

Welcome back!

We here at Hippo Roofing, are happy to provide homeowners with the knowledge they need to care for their roof and identify issues with it. It is for this reason that we are writing a series of blogs on the most frequently asked questions about roofing. In our last blog, we talked about how to go about choosing the best roofing contractor. We also warned against choosing the cheapest price and stressed the importance asking for credentials and proof of insurance. While learning how to choose the right contractor is extremely important, it isn’t the only question many homeowners have, or don’t know they should be asking. Here is yet another important question for homeowners to ask or become familiar with before working with a roofing company for a roof repair or replacement.

Curious About Roofing?

gauranteeWhat is the Industry Standard for Roofing Warranties?

When it comes to warranties, it’s important to understand that there are different types. First, there are manufacturer’s warranties, especially for asphalt shingles. This will generally cover any defects in the shingles themselves, such as premature cracking or peeling, and will generally cover 20 years to a lifetime, though the lifetime of most roofs is 20 years. You will also receive a warranty from your roofing contractor on the installation and work they provided. While most roofing companies will offer a one to two year warranty. It’s important that you read your contract to make sure what the warranty covers, how long it is covered for, and what would void the warranty. Some roofing contractors offer better warranties than others, but there isn’t an industry standard.

What Voids Roofing Manufacturing Warranties?

Oftentimes, a manufacturing warranty will require frequent roofing inspections. This will help to keep your roof healthy, and if something should occur, your warranty can cover the issue. If a problem arises where your roof needs replacing before the end of its life and you haven’t received an inspection in due time, your warranty will most likely be voided.

What Will My Roof Warranty Cover?

Roof Leaks

Your warranty should cover roof leaks that result from faulty material or poor workmanship of the installation. However, make sure that you have a better warranty that covers leaks due to natural causes such as fire, lightning, high winds, or hail. It’s also important to get a warranty that can cover any vandalism done to your home.

Hail Damage

This would be considered a warranty add-on, however, it’s definitely worth the added cost if you live in an area that is no stranger to hail damage. Consider getting a roof system that is prepared for hail for the added protection. Minor, extra costs now will save you major costs later.

High Winds

Typical warranty coverage will not cover this, so it’s important to make sure you add coverage to your workmanship and manufacturing warranty. A general warranty will cover you for certain wind speeds, so be sure to read over these details to find out how much your roof can take. For homeowners of Melbourne, we would recommend getting a higher warranty coverage for your roof, though a better option would be to choose a metal roof from Hippo Roofing.

What Doesn’t a Roof Warranty Cover?

Standing/ Ponding Water

This is something that falls under your manufacturer’s warranty. Different manufacturer’s define ponding water differently, so it’s important to make sure that the warranty you purchase for this is clearly defined. If you should suffer from roof leaks due to ponding, you might not get the coverage you need under your warranty.

Consequential Damage

If your home or business should suffer further damage from roof leaks such as carpet damage or damage to equipment, materials or the ceiling, it will not be covered under the warranties on your roof.

Unauthorized Repairs or Alterations

If you’re planning to have an HVAC company install a new system on your roof, it’s important to make sure you work with a manufacturer authorized roofer. Not doing so will void any damages from your warranty should an issue occur after working with an unauthorized HVAC company.

Acts of God

It might be strange to some homeowners to think that acts of God could affect their roofing warranty, and even more difficult to define what that might be. Roofing contractors generally define acts of God as high winds, hail, tornadoes, floods and fires. However, for high winds and hail, there is extra coverage available. The same cannot be said for floods and fires.

Improper Roof Repairs

Roofing contractors that use improper repair materials or methods can void the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s also important that the roofing contractor is an authorized applicator, if they are not, the warranty over the materials will also be voided.


Unfortunately, no warranty under any circumstances will cover an entire replacement of your roof.

If you’re looking for a new roof and are curious about the warranty, we recommend sitting down with the roofing contractor to iron out any details that are important for you to know. If you have the chance, you could even have a lawyer go over it. Investing in a new roof for your home or business can be risky if you don’t work with the best roofing company, so make sure to cover yourself.

With Hippo Roofing, you can rest assured that your warranty will be laid out for you. We don’t believe in gimmicks or smoke and mirrors. We want the homeowners of Melbourne to trust the work we do so we make everything as clear as possible for our customers. Get an asphalt roof or a metal roof from the roofing experts at Hippo. You can refer to our references list for an idea of how happy our customers are, or even take a look at our gallery of finished jobs.

When you’re in need of a roofer, Hippo Roofing is the company to turn to. We offer free estimates on repairs and replacements, so please don’t hesitate to call us today!