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DefenderRoof™ Metal Roofing

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Easy financing with roofs starting at $99 a month

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Metal Roofing – DefenderRoof™

Get A Metal Roof For The Same Price As Shingles*

When you’re looking for a roof that’s not only going to protect your home but will actually improve its energy efficiency, you’ve got to go with metal roofing. Metal roofing is a fantastic way to make sure your home is “covered,” when the strong Florida hurricane winds begin to come through. Roofing from our roofing contractors can last long because they’re durable and dependable — they’re Roofs For Life™.



The Hippo Difference®

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Federal Tax Credit

Only a Hippo Roof offers outstanding tax savings. Reduce your Federal tax bill up to $1,400.00!

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Easy Financing

Fast, easy, and affordable financing with payments as low as $99.00 monthly!

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Lifetime Guarantee

A real lifetime guarantee…distinctly different from results that can save you thousands!

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Hurricane Tough

Hippo roofs are built to withstand coastal hurricane winds and tested for outstanding performance.

DefenderRoof™ Ratings

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Class 4 Impact Resistance

All Hippo Roofs are Class 4…the best impact rating for leak protection against hail and flying objects!

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Class A Fire Rating

Class A is the highest industry rating offering the very best resistance to fire. All Hippo roofs are Class A. This doesn’t seem too important, but it is as we have already witnessed one of our roofs saving a home from destruction by fire.

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Class 90 Uplift Test Rating

Best ratings against strong winds!

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The way financing should be.

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Hippo Roofs Beat The Pants Off The Competition…

Hands down, it's not even close.

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We stand behind our roof and our work.

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