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Our most affordable roof

Add a ClassicRoof™ to Your Home in Melbourne, FL

Enjoy our competitively priced shingle roof, backed by the workmanship and warranty of the Hippo Roofing brand.

Easy Financing With Roofs Starting At $99 A Month

Lifetime Material Guarantee

Tough Enough Stand Up To Hurricanes

The Hippo Difference® Makes All The Difference

Roofing Experts in Melbourne, FL

If you’re looking for an affordable but well-built roof for your home in Melbourne, FL, the roofing experts at Hippo Roofing would be happy to install our ClassicRoof™. As our most affordable roof, the ClassicRoof allows homeowners to enjoy our competitively priced roof, backed by the workmanship and warranty of the Hippo Roofing brand. Home and business owners in Florida know how critical it is to protect their buildings from extreme weather. A classic roof will do just that and will look great at the same time. Learn more about class roof systems and what makes the ClassicRoof your best choice. Get in touch with our team today for a fast quote.

A Great, Low-Cost Roofing Solution

Homeowners in Melbourne, FL love the ClassicRoof. This low-cost roofing solution is ideal for short-term roofing needs. A strong, properly installed roof is necessary when you live in Florida but need to stretch your budget or only plan to live in your home for the short term. Our ClassicRoof looks great and functions well but usually requires replacement by the 15th year of usage due to our harsh, sunny weather and insurance company demands. If you’ve lived in your home short term, this roofing choice might be a good idea. However, if you have to buy another roof, the cost will be at least double, making it a costly roofing decision. Our ClassicRoof carried a limited 50-year lifetime material warranty as well as a 130 mph wind blowoff provision. Hippo Roofing provides a ten-year labor guarantee and expert installation. When it comes to comparing Hippo’s ClassicRoof to our competitor’s shingle roof, ours is a far superior choice with expert installation to Florida’s strict building code.

The Benefits of a ClassicRoof

If you’re considering a classic roof tile system, you need one that will protect your home from the elements. Factors to consider include roof shingle colors, shingle roof cost, and more. When you choose a ClassicRoof, you’ll also experience the Hippo difference. We offer easy financing. That means fast, easy, and affordable financing with payments as low as $99 a month. All our roofs come with a lifetime material guarantee, possibly saving you thousands of dollars. Hippo roofs are built hurricane tough to withstand coastal hurricane winds and tested for outstanding performance. Our ClassicRoof has a class A fire rating and a wind warranty up to 130 mph.

Helping You Choose the Right Roof for You

While we’re proud of our ClassicRoof, it isn’t always the right choice for every homeowner in Melbourne, FL. If you plan on living in your home for a long time, it might make more sense to spend a bit more on a roof that will last a lifetime. Don’t forget about our financing options. Check out your other roofing choices from Hippo Roofing:

  • ShieldRoof™ – Ideal for homeowners who want a permanent roofing solution that’s not made of metal, the ShieldRoof will stand up to the Florida elements. A ShieldRoof comes with a 50-year warranty. These roofing systems are durable and dependable.
  • DefenderRoof™ – If you want metal but don’t want to pay for it, the DefenderRoof gives you precisely that for the same price as roof shingles. The DefenderRoof will improve your home’s energy efficiency while protecting it from the elements. This paneled metal roofing system gives you a roof for life and is available in many different colors. Choosing this roof can lower your energy costs and increase your home value.
  • GuardianRoof™ – Our GuardianRoof is designed to stand the test of time and comes with a Limited Lifetime 50-year material and labor warranty. Get a durable roof without visible fasteners with this clean paneled system that features a natural metal finish and is available in multiple color options. The GuardianRoof is also corrosion-resistant.
  • SuperRoof™ – This tile roof is the last roof you’ll ever buy. The SuperRoof comes with a lifetime labor and material guarantee. This roof stands up to hurricanes and comes with free rotted wood replacement of decking and fascia, free stainless steel roof fasteners, and free screw grip deck fasteners.

Why Choose Hippo Roofing?

There’s more than one commercial roofing company in Melbourne, FL, but we’re confident that Hippo Roofing is the right choice for area homeowners. We’ve been offering professional roofing services for more than 20 years, and our roofing company is family-owned and -operated. Hippo Roofing delivers the absolute best possible roofing materials at the lowest possible prices. Our pro roofing services make us an industry leader in residential metal roofing. We use top-of-the-line roofing products that stand up to Florida’s extreme weather. Our roofing services are affordable and durable. Contact us today to learn more or get your fast quote.

Why ClassicRoof?

The Hippo Difference®

Easy Financing

Easy Financing

Fast, easy and affordable financing with payments as low as $99.00 monthly!

Lifetime Material Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee

A real lifetime guarantee…distinctly different from results that can save you thousands!

Hurricane Tough

Hurricane Tough

Hippo roofs are built to withstand coastal hurricane winds and tested for outstanding performance.

ClassicRoof Ratings

Class A Fire Rating

Class A Fire Rating

Class A is the highest industry rating offering the very best resistance to fire. All Hippo roofs are Class A. This doesn’t seem too important, but it is as we have already witnessed one of our roofs saving a home from destruction by fire.

Wind Warranty 130 MPH

Class 90 Uplift Test Rating

Best ratings against strong winds!

100% Financing… Fast, Easy, And Affordable

The Way Financing Should Be.

Pick The Best Financing Solution For You!

Hippo Roofs Beat The Pants Off The Competition…

Hands Down, It’S Not Even Close.

  • FREE Rotten Wood Deck Replacement up to 4 Sheets of Plywood or 40 LF of Rotten Fascia Replacement
  • FREE Annual Roof Inspection
  • FREE Extended Hippo Labor Warranty

Continuing Customer Service

We stand behind our roof and our work.


FREE Wind Mitigation Report

FREE Annual Inspection

Showroom and Office Available on US 1 in Melbourne

FREE Annual Maintenance

FREE Annual Maintenance

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