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Metal Roofs Are Taking The Market By Storm

Sep 1, 2018

Metal Roofs Are Taking The Market By Storm

Sep 1, 2018
Metal Roofs Are Taking The Market By Storm

A lot of homeowners have been choosing metal roofs lately. While metal roofs took up around 8 percent of the market share in 2012, they held a 14 percent share of the market in 2016 and are on pace for a 20 percent market share in 2018. That’s huge growth in a short period of time.

Who is buying metal roofs, where do they live, and why are they buying them? In this blog, your Palm Bay roofing company, Hippo Roofing, will break down the reasons why metal roofs are becoming a household choice for homeowners across the country.

Metal Roof Demographics

There’s no definitive age range that appears to be purchasing more metal roofs than others. In fact, homeowners in their 20s and their 80s are all buying metal roofs! However, there are some geographic areas that like metal roofs more than others. The Pacific, East South Central and Mid Atlantic regions have had an over 6 percent increase in metal roof market share over the past two years — and in the East South Central in particular (Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee), over 30 percent of new roofing jobs are metal roofing jobs. Of that 30 percent, over 96 percent of metal roofs chosen are of the standing seam variety.  

Metal Roof

Metal Roof Cost

It makes sense that so many folks in the South are choosing metal roofs. Some metal roofs can cost anywhere from $2.50 to $5 per square foot in states like Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, while they can cost anywhere from $7 to $12 or more in other regions. Naturally, prices vary because of the quality of materials, roofer rates, and other factors.  

Metal Roof Cycles

Another big reason homeowners are opting for metal roofs is due to their durability and long lifespan. While an asphalt shingle roof lasts up to 20 years, metal roofs can last up to 60 years. Twice the cost, but three times the lifespan — no wonder homeowners are seeing the value.

Why do people choose metal roofs?

According to a Dodge Data & Analytics survey, 17 percent of those surveyed said they chose metal roofing primarily because of its strength and protection against the elements, 18 percent chose metal roofing because of its longevity, and 20 percent chose metal roofing for the value it added to their properties. But the biggest reason won’t surprise you one bit: 29 percent of those surveyed chose metal roofs because they just look great. Even if you need hurricane protection from a metal roof, it’s looks that truly matter most.

Metal Roofs Same Price As Shingles™

If you live in Palm Bay, Brevard County, or anywhere in Coastal Florida, you need a roof that protects you from hurricane-force winds, heavy rains, and home value depreciation. It better look good, too! Hippo Roofing’s DefenderRoof™ metal roofing systems costs the same price as asphalt shingles, it handles Florida hurricane season with ease, and it gives your home instant value and curb appeal. Call us for more info on our roofing systems, and get a free estimate on your metal roof today.