Anyone who is a homeowner can relate to 2 simple concepts. The first is that we all want our home to last as long as humanly possible, and the second is that there’s always something with the house that needs to be done. The trick, however, is to get a jump on a problem before it becomes a catastrophe. When it comes to your roof, you always want to get a problem resolved sooner rather than later. Let’s take a look at the signs you need a new roof:

There are 2 warning signs that you’re in need of a new roof. First, if you start noticing stains on your ceiling, that’s bad news. It’s because there’s a great chance your roof is leaking due to shingles either being cracked or missing altogether. A roof leak is serious because the moisture can eventually start rotting away the drywall. Second, if the shingles on the roof are curled, they are probably missing granules, which is not an issue you want to ignore. Stains can also be a sign of mold growth. The American Society of Home Inspectors provides an excellent resource for signs that you might have mold in your home.

It’s always wise, if you suspect a problem exists with the roof of your home, to get it checked out immediately. At Hippo Roof, our team of dedicated and experienced professionals are prepared to offer quality roof maintenance and new roof installation, no matter what the situation looks like. Plus, there’s a reason we’ve developed a customer-centric reputation. We’ll provide a no obligation estimate for your work, and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of your job. We’ll do all of it with a smile.

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