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Hippo Man Vs. The Squirrel King

Aug 24, 2016

Hippo Man Vs. The Squirrel King

Aug 24, 2016
Hippo Man Vs. The Squirrel King


The Case of The Squirrel King and the Edible Asphalt Shingle Roof

The Squirrel King is on the hunt for edible shingle roofs and he’s targeting the homes of Melbourne, Florida residents.

The Squirrel King’s supply of asphalt shingle roofs have been on a steady decline ever since the roofing contractors in Melbourne at Hippo Roofing have been replacing the asphalt shingle roofs of so many homes with their metal DefenderRoof.  

Hippo Man has a plan to destroy the plot of The Squirrel King and save the roofs of every home in Melbourne.

It’s August 24, 2016, and The Squirrel King is on the prowl for the next roof to take a bite out of.

SHA-ZAM, Hippo Man enters the scene.

“Squirrel King, haven’t you had enough fun destroying the roofs of tens of thousands of Melbourne residents’ homes?” stated Hippo Man to The Squirrel King.

“The number of roofs that I have available to eat has seriously declined since you came to town, Hippo Man. The Metal DefenderRoof that your roofing contractors install is not edible like asphalt shingles. I can’t pick it apart and get into the wood framing of people’s homes to make a nest, and the work that your men do has a lifetime guarantee. It’s not even worth it to play on the roof of a DefenderRoof home,” puffed The Squirrel King.  

What Hippo Man didn’t know was that The Squirrel King had planned an attack to take down Hippo Man and his metal DefenderRoof.pow-krash

In a flash, a thousand of The Squirrel King’s minions descended on Hippo Man. Hippo man was prepared, and with the draw of his metal DefenderRoof sword, The Squirrel King’s army was defeated.

“Nice try, Squirrel King, but nothing can come against my metal DefenderRoof with its paneled roofing system, natural metal finish, and high-grade stainless steel exposed fasteners,” announced Hippo Man.

The Squirrel King and his army left with their plans foiled, and Hippo Man flew off to defend yet another home that has yet to upgrade their asphalt shingle roof to a new metal DefenderRoof.


Your Professional Roofing Contractors in Melbourne

At Hippo Roofing, our goal is to replace your deteriorating asphalt shingle roof, and replace it with our metal DefenderRoof that is the same price as the average shingle roof that will not last your a lifetime. Our roofs have a lifetime guarantee and we promise you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

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