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Get Ready for 2018 Hurricane Season

Aug 22, 2018

Get Ready for 2018 Hurricane Season

Aug 22, 2018
Get Ready for 2018 Hurricane Season

Hurricane SeasonLast year’s hurricane season was devastating. In fact, it was one of the top-10 most active hurricane seasons on record, with several hurricanes with Category 3 conditions or higher. This left plenty of Florida homeowners with roof and home exterior damage — and these homeowners certainly don’t want to deal with similar damages in 2018.

In this blog, Hippo Roofing — your top-rated Melbourne roofing company — will give you some tips to get your home ready for fall hurricanes in the second half of hurricane season. The more you do to protect your home now, the better chance you have of avoiding costly home damage and headache-inducing insurance claims.

Tip 1: Get a Metal Roof

Most standard asphalt shingle roofs can handle winds up to 110 mph or even 130 mph with additional installation add-ons — but that’s not going to cut it during hurricane season. Metal roofs can stand up to winds over 140 miles per hour (equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane), and they’re much less likely to let in water and moisture when the torrential rainfall rolls through town.

This should be a no-brainer — if you’re anywhere on the east side of Florida, you should have a metal roof that can withstand high winds and keep water out. Talk to your local metal roofing contractor to understand the costs and benefits of a metal roof — they’re more affordable than you might think!

Tip 2: Already have a metal roof? Get it inspected!

If you already have a metal roof, it’s important to make sure it’s in excellent condition so it performs at its best during the storms ahead. While you can certainly learn the signs that your roof needs repairs, it’s best to leave inspections up to a professional set of eyes. Roof inspectors know exactly what to look for on metal roofs — they can easily identified damaged or at-risk areas, and they’ll know the right course of action to make things right.

You might not want to shell out the cash on a roof inspection, but that cost is a drop in the ocean compared to what you could possibly pay for a roof replacement or other home damage due to a faulty roof. It’s never too early (or too late) to get a roof inspection — why not schedule one today and make sure your roof is good to go?

Tip 3: Get Your Gutters In Order

Your roof can deflect water — but it also needs to direct water away from your home to prevent flooding and pooling. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make sure your gutters can move water properly during hurricane season. First, have your gutters cleaned by a professional, or clean them yourself if you’re so inclined. Next, get a roof inspector to make sure your gutters are damage-free. Finally, consider purchasing and installing gutter downspout extensions. Your downspouts will be able to push water away from your house during a normal rainstorm, but they might not move water far enough away during a hurricane. By extending your downspouts by 2-4 feet, water will be guided further away from your home’s foundation and will be more likely to flow to storm drains or into the street.

Check Out More Great Tips

Preparing your home for a hurricane takes more than just roofing and gutter assistance. You’ll need to cover windows, have organizational plans in place, and ensure the wellbeing of you and your family. Click the button below to check out our comprehensive guide for preparing yourself for the 2018 hurricane season. You can never be too prepared — ask the roofing contractors Hippo Roofing for more information on how to protect your home during the big storms!

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