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Factors That Will Affect Your Roof Repair Cost

Materials, location, and size can all impact the cost of the repair
Read Time: 3 Minutes | Dec 23, 2021

Factors That Will Affect Your Roof Repair Cost

Materials, location, and size can all impact the cost of the repair
Read Time: 3 Minutes | Dec 23, 2021
Factors That Will Affect Your Roof Repair Cost

If your roof has been damaged and is in need of repair, it’s vital to have the repairs made as quickly as possible. Roof damage that goes unrepaired can get worse and also increase the risk of water damage inside the house. The longer the damage goes unrepaired, the higher the cost may be to repair it.

The first step toward getting your roof repaired is to call in a professional roofer who can provide an estimate for the costs of the repair. There are several factors that can influence how much roof damage will cost in total to repair.

These are the most common factors that will affect roof repair cost.

The Damage to the Roof

If your roof has damage that needs to be repaired, the extent of the damage plays a major role in how much the repair job will cost. The size of the area that needs to be repaired will determine how much labor and many materials are required to make the repair and will therefore also influence the cost.

Where You Live

Where you live can also impact how much a roof repair costs. Roofing permits are typically required for any kind of roofing work, whether it’s a repair or a roof replacement. The costs can vary depending on where you live because some locations have flat rates for permits while others adjust the cost for the size and overall value of your house.

The Type of Roof

The type of roof that you have can also affect the costs. If your roof has a steeper slope to it, then it may cost more to repair than a roof that has a lower pitch. It may also be more difficult for a roofer to make the repair if the slope of the roof is very steep.

The Roofing Materials

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What your roof is made from can have a major impact on how much a roof repair costs. Certain materials cost more than others. For example, tile roofing or metal roofing tends to cost more than shingles. The type of roofing materials can also impact how difficult it may be to make the repair, which can influence the labor costs.

How Long the Roof Has Been Damaged

If the damage has been there for a while, then it may cost more than if the roof had been fixed promptly. This is because water can get inside the house through the damaged area of the roof if it rains or snows. Water can cause a lot of damage to a house that can get very costly very quickly. These costs may not be a part of the roof repair itself, as the costs of repairing the water damage and replacing any possessions are separate from the costs of repairing the roof, but still should be budgeted for as a part of the overall repair.

Chimneys and Skylights

If your roof has chimneys, skylights, or other features that create contours on your roof, that may also increase the cost of a roof repair. The less a roof is flat, the more materials and labor may be required to repair that section.

The Roof System Materials

Depending on what needs to be repaired on your roof, there may be additional materials involved. Repairs may not only involve new shingles or metal sheets or tiles, depending on what materials were used on your roof. Repairs may also involve joints, flashing, gutters, and more, which may affect the cost of the repair.

Your Roof’s Accessibility

Another factor that can impact the cost of your roof repair is how accessible your roof is. If it’s very difficult to get up onto your roof, that can increase the labor costs of the repair.

Waste Removal & Disposal Fees

When repair is done on your roof, there is typically old material that is removed from your roof. Some roofing contractors will remove the old materials and dispose of them for you, but this may cost extra. Often this is included as a percentage of the final bill.