Choosing The Right Metal Roofing Color

Choosing The Right Metal Roofing Color

You know you want a new metal roof for your home. Great! You’ve made a responsible choice. You even know what type of metal roof you want, which is more than most homeowners can say. But you’re still left with one question: what color should I pick? A metal roof lasts for 60 years — so you better choose a color you’ll love for years to come.

In this blog, the Brevard County roofing contractors at Hippo Roofing will give you a few color options for your new home. The color choice is solely up to you, but we’re happy to help you find a shade that fits with your home and your style.

Plain and Neutral

Sometimes, it’s better to keep it simple. Neutral colors like brown, grey, navy, and tan are a mainstay in the interior and exterior design world, mainly because they pair well with just about anything.

Take it from the experts — a sandstone, tan, or light gray roof will most likely look great with your current siding, and the light hues will reflect heat and save you money on your monthly energy bill. In terms of dark roofs, an aged charcoal, medium bronze or chocolate brown can give your home visual balance and let your beautiful siding shine.

If you’re having trouble picking a color for your metal roof, start with the neutrals. You can always add a punch of color later with trim, flower beds, siding, or a painted front door to give your home more personality.  


When you live in Florida, it’s hard to not think about the ocean. Most everything in the state has a tropical, nautical, or literal ocean feel — including homes. Fortunately, you don’t have to hang a ring buoy on your front door like a Christmas wreath in order to give your home an easygoing ocean vibe. All it takes is a blue or blue-green roof to bring a little piece of the Atlantic Ocean to your property.

Opt for a deep blue for a bottom-of-the-ocean look, a muted teal for a fun, shallow-water beach feel, or a clear blue that’s just like the midday ocean waves. You can even choose a burnt orange reminiscent of an ocean sunset or a white sand shade that pairs well with more colorful siding. Whatever you choose, you’ll have a subtle coastal feel to your home, which is much less tacky than nautical decorations in your front yard.

Metal Roof CTA

Bare Metal

It can be difficult to pull off the bare metal roof. While it can certainly be the perfect addition to an industrial modern look, it can also make your home look like a dilapidated shack if you’re not careful.

This type of roofing looks best with white or light-colored siding, which helps the shiny roofing material blend in instead of dominating the visual balance of your home. It’s also great for homes with lots of windows, as bare metal will only bring out your home’s modern lines and open concept.

The Red Roof

It’s bold, it’s brash, it’s bright — and it just might be the perfect choice for your home. A red metal roof can make your house the envy of the entire block if done right — and you’re just the person to make it happen. Red roofs look great with neutral siding and a bright green lawn — and they’re complemented perfectly by colorful flowers and other accents. Choose a burnt red for a softer, less edgy look, or go straight for the firetruck red that’ll grab the attention of your neighbors.

Choose Your Metal Roofing Experts

Hippo Roof is your trusted choice for metal roofing in Brevard County. Whether you’re looking for a roof that muted and mellow or bright and bold, we’re happy to help. Call us today to get a free quote.

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