2018 Earth Day was a time to reflect on our environmental impact on the planet. Because there are so many homes and so many roofs, roofing materials and the waste they produce can have a huge environmental impact. However, certain types of eco-friendly roofing materials can lessen the impact on the environment and provide sturdy and appealing roofs for homeowners.

In honor of Earth Day, we’ve got some trivia for you about the old asphalt shingles and eco-friendly metal roofs. Read on:

  • Asphalt shingles are a petroleum product, and their environmental impact is large. They don’t just contribute to our dependency on fossil fuels, but they only last for around 20 years, and there is no way to dispose of them other than a landfill.
  • Metal roofing is part of a wave of environmentally responsible products that are gradually overtaking asphalt roofing. They look just like traditional roofs, but they’re constructed from sustainable materials.
  • Many homeowners that opt to have a metal roof installed are eligible for a roofing tax credit, and they can be as much as $500.
  • All steel roofs use a minimum of 25% recycled content, and some of that content can consist of material from cars, refrigerators, or dishwashers.
  • Metal roofs have an operational lifespan of at least 60 years. At the end of that life, they can be completely recycled and used for something else. Asphalt shingles causing quite a waste problem in the U.S. and they can take up to 300 years to decompose.
  • The installation of a metal roof can reduce the energy needs of a home, and homeowners can expect a reduction of up to 25% in their energy bills.
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