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Can You Put a Metal Roof on a Mobile Home?

Jun 15, 2017

Can You Put a Metal Roof on a Mobile Home?

Jun 15, 2017
Can You Put a Metal Roof on a Mobile Home?

Are you tired of sealing and re-sealing the roof of your mobile home, only to have it crack and get dry-rotted in the Florida sun? Have you gotten fed up with high cooling bills in your trailer or manufactured home, and you suspect that your deep black roof is a big culprit? Have you wondered if there was a better option? Well, there’s great news — there is a better option! A metal roof on your trailer, mobile home, double wide, or manufactured home can make all the difference in the world. It will be a long-lasting way to protect your home, and it will boost your home’s attractiveness, too.

Here at Hippo Roof, we specialize in installing metal roofs all over the Brevard County area, and we love doing it! Metal roofs are our speciality because we are passionate about giving customers a high-quality roof that will stand the test of time, not a low-quality roof that will need to be replaced in a few years. However, some people still have misunderstandings and misconceptions about metal roofs, and we’d like to dispel some of those here on our blog.

One of these misunderstandings relates to whether or not you can install a metal roof on a mobile home or manufactured home. We’ve seen some people on the internet claiming that you can’t put a metal roof on a mobile home, or that it isn’t worth it, or that you’ll have to reinforce the roof to support all that weight. The truth is, you absolutely CAN put a metal roof on your mobile home. Here are some myths we’d like to bust.

Myth #1. No one would put a roof on a mobile home.

Fact: Many people in Brevard County are doing it — and loving it. Just take a quick drive down through Barefoot Bay and check out all the metal roofs. One of the reasons why people love their metal roof so much is that they’ll never have to put another roof on their home again, as metal roofs last practically forever. Another big reason why people love their metal roofs is because they are coated with a high-tech, reflective coating that makes the majority of sunlight bounce right back off. Instead of absorbing all that heat, your roof will deflect it, helping your air conditioner not have to work so hard. Finally, if you ever go to sell your home, having a metal roof will be a big selling point and make your home more attractive to buyers, potentially allowing you to increase the asking price.

Myth #2. You’ll have to majorly reinforce your roof to account for all that extra weight

Fact: Metal roofs are much lighter-weight than shingles, meaning that if your mobile home or manufactured home can bear the weight of a traditional shingle roof, it will easily be able to bear the weight of a metal roof.

Myth #3. It’s not worth it to pay for a metal roof on a mobile home.

Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. The basis for this claim is that a mobile home is a temporary dwelling that’s not built to last forever like a house, so it’s not worth putting on a roof that will last practically forever. But think about it. How many times have you paid to repair your roof over the time you’ve owned your mobile home? Don’t you wish that someone had put on a metal roof right at the beginning when they built your home, saving you all the hassle and expense of repeated repairs?

Also, think about this: It’s your roof’s job to take the brunt of nature’s beating from the elements (rain, wind, hail, and other severe weather). If you roof is not doing a good job of that, your whole home will deteriorate that much faster. However, if your roof is holding up just fine to all that abuse, your home will last that much longer. A mobile home is not a disposable thing that you can easily just go out and replace. It’s only natural to do what is available to keep your home in good repair so that it lasts as long as possible.

Myth #4. A metal roof on a mobile home would look out of place.

Fact: Metal roofs add to the curb appeal of your home. If you think of metal roofs and picture the old-fashioned corrugated tin with rusty patches around each screw, then yes, we can understand someone not realizing that metal roofs look great. Modern metal roofs use what is called a “Standing Seam” technology. This is a type of roof that hides all the fasteners so that they can’t be seen by anyone once the roof is installed. The benefit of this is that you not only get beautiful, straight, unbroken lines on your roof, you also get extra protection against any water that would want to seep into the screw holes.

Myth #5. A mobile home will be more vulnerable to danger with a metal roof.

Fact: Metal roofs offer several advantages when it comes to safety, most notably in cases of high wind and fire. The nature of a metal roof makes it almost impervious to high winds, and here in Florida, that’s a huge plus. Say goodbye to shingles flapping and breaking and flying off, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. Metal roofs are strong, sturdy, and durable against wind. Also, they’re fireproof. The tar in asphalt shingles is flammable (though they do things to reduce the flammability of shingles) but your metal roof won’t burn. This can help to protect you in the event of a fire.


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Now that you know how appealing it would be to have a metal roof, why not take the next step to get more information? Our roofing experts would be happy to take a look at your mobile home and give you a estimate for how much it would cost to install a metal roof. It might be more affordable than you think. With Hippo Roof’s pricing that offers a metal roof for the same price as shingles, you could be the proud owner of a metal roof very soon. Contact us today to ask for your free quote.