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All About Our Metal Roofs

Jun 19, 2017

All About Our Metal Roofs

Jun 19, 2017
All About Our Metal Roofs


Metal Roofing from Hippo: The Defender Roof

Hippo Roofing is the Top Rated Local® roofer in Palm Bay for many reasons. Whether it’s our customer service, or the satisfaction that our customers have when the job is completed. We provide our customers with timely and quality roof repairs, replacements and installations that not only add value to their home, but ensure that they will have a strong roof for years and years to come. Regardless of your roofing needs, our roofing contractors can take care of the job.
While we offer many roofing services, we also offer a choice in the products that we have. One of the roof our customers can choose from is our Defender Roof, our brand of metal roofing. Here’s what you should know about this product and why it’s a great choice.

Our Metal Roofs

Not only are our metal roofs high-quality, they’re beautiful and extremely durable. We give you the option to choose from a range of colors so that it can look it’s best on your home. Another great thing about our metal roofs is that they help to improve energy efficiency. Reflecting heat, rather than absorbing it, keeping your home cooler and putting a lot less stress on your HVAC system. Not only will the Defender Roof save you money on energy bills, but you’ll also save money on the roof itself. Here are the best things that our metal roof has to offer.

  • It’s affordable
  • It’s energy efficient – Energy Star Rated
  • It’s extremely durable
  • There are plenty of colors to choose from
  • Solar Panels can be easily installed on it
  • It lasts much longer than your typical roof
  • Comes with a 50-year warranty
  • Can be installed on oceanfront properties
  • No risk of rust or corrosion
  • Can be financed

Our Roof Financing

While our metal roof is affordable, we know that offering financing to our customers will just make it that much easier to make having a metal roof on your home a reality. Here’s what we have to offer.

  • 12 months – Same as Cash Financing
  • 60 Months at 6.99 percent  APR
  • 120 Months at 6.99 percent APR

Apply to find out which financing you qualify for and we’ll help you determine which finance plan works best for you.

Why Choose the Defender Roof?

The Defender Roof from our roofing company is one of the most affordable and dependable roofs out there. Whether you live oceanfront or further from the coast, our metal roof will withstand the elements for years to come. With a 50 years warranty, the quality installation we provide, and the financing we offer, there’s no reason not to get a metal roof!


Why Choose Hippo Roofing?

When it comes to choosing a roofer in Palm Bay there really is no better choice than Hippo Roofing. We offer customers dependability, affordability, and quality, giving us a track record of customer satisfaction. Our dedication to roofing combined with our integrity make for a great experience for us, but above all, our customers.

If you’re looking to get a roof replacement and are interested in the Defender Roof, you can learn more about it here. If you have questions or want to get started with financing, give us a call today.