In our last blog we talked a little about some details you may want to think about before making the purchase of your metal roof. It’s a fertile topic with numerous aspects. Read on for 5 more metal roof considerations, and trust your Melbourne roofing contractors at Hippo Roofing with your roofing needs.


  1.  Are there certain areas on your roof where debris tends to collect? This could be things like pine needles, ice and snow, or tree leaves and branches. Let your installer know if it’s a concern, since there may be special ways to install the new roof and provide a path downwards for unwanted debris.
  2. If you have an attic, proper ventilation is something worth considering. It requires intake and exhaust vents, and decent ventilation can help to avoid moisture buildups and reduce your energy costs.
  3. Consider what kind of coating you want on your metal roof. It serves a dual purpose, with not only providing a beautiful look, but also resistance to staining and fading.
  4. If your metal roof is meant to replace an older asphalt roof, the condition of the old roof must be addressed. You’ll want to make sure leaky areas are taken care of, as well as areas with poor decking.
  5. A flared gable is a design element where the ridge, or peak, is wider than the eave, or bottom edge, of the roof. Not all metal roof designs play well with flared gables, so be sure to address this before installation.
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