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4 Things You Can Say Goodbye to When You Get a Metal Roof from Hippo

Nov 5, 2016

4 Things You Can Say Goodbye to When You Get a Metal Roof from Hippo

Nov 5, 2016
4 Things You Can Say Goodbye to When You Get a Metal Roof from Hippo

We’re constantly talking about the many advantages of having metal roof installation performed. We sell them because we believe in them and want as many Floridians to experience the wonders of our roofs as possible. When you invest in a metal roof, here are some of the problems you can cast off.

Say Goodbye To Astronomical Heating Bills

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a metal roof is that they’re very reflective. In cooler climates you don’t always want that; have you ever noticed that most roofs in the areas of the country that have snow have dark-colored singles? They want to absorb heat to help with heating bills.

But here in Florida, you want to reflect as much of that blistering heat as possible so that your house stays cooler, making your air conditioner work that much less. And when it works less, you’re spending a lot less money.

Say Goodbye to Door-to-Door Roof Inspectors

After high winds or a hail storm, roofing companies go on the prowl. They send workers door to door offering free roof inspections, which is a nice service. But it’s certainly not all altruistic; they’re looking for roofs that have been so damaged that they need a complete roof replacement. At that point they’ll try to get you or your insurance company to pay for a new roof.

A new roof might sound nice, but wouldn’t it be better to not have to deal with that whole situation in the first place? Wouldn’t it be nicer if you didn’t even have to answer the door? After all, they’ll walk house to house in your neighborhood, take one look at your steel roof from Hippo, and realize “oh, well they’re certainly in good shape.” They’ll walk right on by, because your roof is fine!

Say Goodbye to The Depressing Dumpster

When a shingled roof is torn off, a dumpster will have to be parked out in front of your home to accept all of the asphalt shingles. Those shingles are going straight to the dump, and when you see the amount of them being thrown away with no chance of being turned into something else, it’s simply depressing.

In most cases of metal roof installation, the asphalt shingles are left on and the metal is installed on top. This prevents the shingles from going to the dump but also gives the home one additional layer of insulation.

Say Goodbye to Roof Replacement…Period!

Asphalt shingle roof replacement isn’t fun. In fact, it’s downright annoying. Certainly the actual days during the replacement are noisy, but worse yet are the years of lead up to it the replacement: saving up the funds, wondering if this is the year you’ll see a leak, and deciding which roofer to contact.

Now imagine you invest in a steel roof from Hippo Roofing. You have it installed and you’re done. Not for the next 10 or 20 years, but for upwards of 50! In fact, we guarantee the roof for 50 years because we know it’s going to last.

Put on a metal roof and you can say goodbye to so many problems. If it’s time to lower your energy costs, contact Hippo Roofing today!