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4 Myths About Hail Damage

Florida’s weather is known for its unpredictability. Many may remember the unexpected hailstorm that below our way back in March. Though the storm passed rather quickly, it left damage for many homeowners across Brevard County. With this in mind, it is important to understand the facts surrounding hail damage. Though hail is rare in our, it’s good to be prepared. You never know when a storm could strike.

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Myth One:

“I don’t see any damage, so I think my roof is okay.”

The Truth: To the untrained eye, hail damage is not detectable. Only trained professionals can truly tell you if your roof is damaged.

Myth Two:

“My roof is not leaking, so it must be fine.”

The Truth: Hail damage is many times very insidious. Your roof may not leak for months after a hailstorm. However, the damage has already been done, and your roof is being exposed at an accelerated rate.

Myth Three:

“My roof is too old. My insurance company won’t cover a replacement if necessary.”

The Truth: Almost all insurance companies pay for a full replacement on a damaged roof regardless of the age.

Myth Four:

“If I file a claim, my insurance company will raise my rates or cancel my insurance.”

The Truth: Insurance companies look at damages paid out over specific areas and will raise rates on entire zip codes. Not filing a claim based on the assumption that it will keep your rates lower is unwise. In fact, a new roof can lower your insurance premium.

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Three Important Tips for Homeowners After a Hail Storm

Get a Free Inspection

Tile roofs are often not damaged to the point of requiring replacement, whereas shingled roofs are much more likely to incur damage. This is especially true if the roofs are a few years old. One should always have their roof tile inspected after a hailstorm. Failure to have a free inspection could cost the owner tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t fail to have an expert check.

Check for Obvious Signs of Damage

While it’s hard for untrained people to see damage on the roof, there are still some signs to look out for from the ground. These typically involve an excess of granules coming off this roof during a rain. Check to see if this is happening to your roof or if the granules are getting dropped onto your driveway, into your downspout, or in your gutters.

Have a Professional Inspect Your Roof

Not everyone, including many roofing contractors, understands hail damage. Be sure to work with a professional that’s an expert on the topic to get the best rates and the right work done.

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Always be proactive and do not use storm chasers. Call a local company like Hippo Roofing LLC. We’re a licensed, A+ rated roofing contractor whose principals have completed thousands of damage claims for homeowners. Ask for a free roof inspection by this reputable contractor.