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Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing for Florida Homes

10 reasons to consider a metal roof for your Florida home
Read Time: 7 Minutes | Oct 6, 2021

Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing for Florida Homes

10 reasons to consider a metal roof for your Florida home
Read Time: 7 Minutes | Oct 6, 2021
Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing for Florida Homes

Metal roofing is growing in popularity due to the numerous associated benefits. The metal roofing industry has tripled in size over the past decade and continues to grow with each passing year. Metal roofs have longer lifespans, higher wind resistance, low maintenance, and are fire-resistant among other bonuses.

The only drawbacks to metal roofing are the initial cost of installation and the decreased chances of a perfect color match when making repairs. However, with so few repairs needed on these durable roofs, the drawbacks seem minuscule in comparison to the benefits you get when you install with metal roofing.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Metal Roof?

Hippo roof with fresh new roof
Metal roofing introduces a number of benefits over alternatives such as shingles or tile. Metal roofing has a higher lifespan, lower maintenance, and is more energy-efficient, making it a superior choice to other roofing materials.

#1 Replace your roof less often

Florida metal roof

Longer lifespan

Metal roofs last longer than any other roofing material commonly used in Florida homes today. In a humid climate prone to hurricanes, you want a roof that is built to last a lifetime.

Other roofing materials, like shingles, will only last for about 15 years if all goes well. Often shingles only last for twelve years.

If you’re not interested in replacing your roof every decade or so, it’s best to invest in a metal roof. These will get you through your entire time in a home without the worry about replacement. This creates added financial benefits and less hassle for you, given the following breakdown of metal roof lifetime costs compared to the cost of a shingle roof.

Liftime cost of roofs over 60 years

A Metal roof = Approx. $18,000 lifetime cost

A Shingle roof = Approx. $271,109 lifetime cost

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

On average, most metal roofs last for forty to seventy years. This number can increase or decrease depending on the maintenance given to the roof over its lifespan. A well-maintained metal roof will last much longer than one that isn’t maintained. However, the low maintenance needs of a metal roof make it easy to keep up with all the care your metal roof needs.

#2 Don’t worry about wind damage

Superior resistance to wind

While metal roofs offer superior resistance to all of nature’s elements, one of the biggest ones that we have to contend with here in Florida is hurricane-force winds. While all your neighbors are picking up shingle fragments after a storm, your metal DefenderRoof will be as pristine as it was before. The only edge wind would have to catch on your metal roof is the bottom edge (where the roofline meets the gutters), and the roof is fastened down so tightly wind won’t have a chance.

#3 Make your home appealing to future buyers

Boosted curb appeal

Hippo metal roof
Metal roofs have a sleek, sharp appearance that can enhance the beauty of your home. They come in many different colors to blend in with various architectural styles, and they can be made to simulate tile, shake, or shingles in addition to the standard Standing Seam format.

If you’re scratching your head on the curb appeal point, saying to yourself, “I don’t think metal roofs look that great,” you’re probably thinking more of old-style corrugated tin roofs or metal roofs on barns and sheds. The metal roofing on homes has a completely different look and feel than old-style corrugated metal roofing used on barns. Check out our gallery of photos of the DefenderRoof to get an idea of how classy a metal roof can be).

#4 Sell your home for more

Increased home value

Not only will a metal roof add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, it can also increase your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Potential homebuyers know a good deal when they see one, and when they see a home that has a metal roof, they’ll know they’re getting all these benefits. No one wants to install a new roof right after they purchase a home, and with a metal roof, it’ll be 50+ years before you have to replace it.

#5 Experience the benefits of using your AC less often

Improved energy efficiency

energy efficient roofing option on Florida home
Air conditioning costs money, and there’s no way to live through our hot Florida year without the ability to cool your house down. If your air conditioner is working too hard, costing you too much in energy bills, part of that could be your roof’s fault. Asphalt shingles absorb a lot of heat from the sun, heating up your attic and seeping into the rest of your home, adding to the overall temperature that your air conditioner has to combat.

A metal roof’s energy efficiency comes from two factors, its reflectivity (reflecting light) and its emissivity (how quickly it releases the heat that does transfer to it).

It depends on the particular roof because different metal roofs have different coatings, but in many cases, you get high performance in both areas from a metal roof. In fact, metal roofs are so efficient that in milder climates, they may negate the need for an air conditioner altogether. However, we don’t think Florida homeowners will be getting rid of their A/C units any time soon.

#6 Be environmentally conscious

More sustainable than alternative materials

Roof on home
Metal roofing is 100% recyclable. Asphalt shingles, however, go into the dumpster then the landfill, accounting for a good percentage of all construction-related waste.Furthermore, new metal roofing panels are almost always manufactured with at least some percentage of recycled metal. Compared to other options, metal roofs are the far more sustainable option.

#7 Protect your home against house fires

Resistant to fire

Metal roofs are fireproof. Usually made of zinc, copper, steel and alloys, these roofs can stand up to lightning strikes and wildfires. Your metal roof will not ignite and spread the fire further as other roofing material may do.
You’ll sleep just a little easier when you know that your roof is adding to your family’s safety.

#8 Save money on insurance with discounts

Potential insurance discounts

Man signing insurance paperwork
Did you know, after you install a metal roof, you may qualify for an insurance discount on your home? The insurance companies know they won’t have to cover as many claims for roof repair and replacement for homes with metal roofs. You could be saving money every month just by letting your insurance company know you made the switch to metal and asking for a discount on your premium.

#9 Do less work, enjoy your home more

Lower maintenance

Any homeowner knows that there is an endless string of tasks related to keeping a house in good repair. Anytime you can save time and money on hiring contractors or learning a few DIY skills, you’re freeing yourself up to use that time and money for the things you really want to do. Stop sinking money into one roof repair after another and get a metal roof that will stop asking for attention after every storm.

#10 Great for homes unable to handle heavier materials

Lightweight option for use on different home types

Florida roof with metal
Metal is one of the lightest-weight roof materials available. If your home has a weaker structure or you’re concerned about the weight of putting a new roof on it, you can rest easy knowing that metal roofing won’t take a major toll on your home’s structure.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Metal Roof?

Metal roof in gray silver color
Metal roofing can’t be completely disadvantage free. But the major disadvantages of metal roofs are relatively small in comparison to the long-term benefits you experience with a metal roof on your home.

#1 Bigger investment

Higher cost

Metal roofs are not the cheapest roofs on the market. Shingles tend to be the cheapest option TODAY, but most expensive over time and most likely to fail. It is worth the upfront cost of metal reroofing to enjoy a lifetime of stress-free roofing and greatest value.

#2 Patches may be more noticeable

Difficult to match colors during repairs

It can be difficult to find an exact color match if your metal roofing needs a patch years down the road. This is because the color of your own roof will eventually begin to fade due to the sun. Damaged spots also tend to require an entire section or panel to be replaced. This means you won’t have just one small spot in a different color, it will be a large section on your roof. But given the relatively low chance of needing major replacements on your durable metal roofing, this shouldn’t sway you from choosing it as your top option for your home.

How Do You Maintain a Metal Roof?

Rain falling from metal roof
Metal is a relatively low maintenance roofing material, but you will still need to put in some care to keep it in top condition. You’ll want to ensure the following is done to your roof at least once a year:

  • Clean dirt, mildew, and stains from the surface
  • Remove branches and other debris
  • Clean out gutters and drains
  • Remove leaves and debris caught in valleys
  • Check fasteners, rivets, and screws

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

Metal roofing on residential home

Metal roofs don’t attract lightning any more than any other structure might. But, if a lightning strike does happen to hit you, you’re safer under a metal roof than any other roofing material.

Metal roofs are conductors and when paired with other fire-resistant materials, will diffuse the impact of the strike leading it into the ground. Your metal roof is also noncombustible, meaning it won’t catch fire in the event of a lightning strike to your home.

Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing provides your home with long-term, durable protection in Florida’s hurricane-prone, high-humidity climate. When investing in a roof you want to pick an option that won’t be a headache to maintain. This is why so many homeowners are choosing metal roofing as they replace their shingle and tile roofs.

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